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7 Rules for Surviving COVID-Land

7 Rules for Surviving COVID-Land Reposted from SHIELD MAIDEN INSTITUTE ™ with Permission I’m not going to mince worlds.  Lately it has felt like we are living through the apocalypse and it is exhausting.  I scarcely have time to recover from the latest bad news when more bad news comes sneaking up.  For example, this year I have lost both real and imagined family to COVID related and non-COVID related deaths.  COVID-19 claimed an aunt, my surrogate mom, and a beloved friend.  Cancer claimed one of our oldest friends.  Those losses were compounded by the loss of my imagined family.  You know Read More

You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry

YOU WON’T LIKE ME WHEN I’M ANGRY Reposted from SHIELD MAIDEN INSTITUTE ™ with Permission You wouldn’t know it to look at us, but my family and I are huge comic book fans.  We love all things comics including movies, graphic novels, ComicCon, etc.  We haven’t actually been to a ComicCon Convention, but we have a library of comic books and animated films.  Plus, I have been known to dress up like Harley for a Halloween or two (okay maybe more than two).   Our family’s formal introduction to comics began when I married my husband.  I had always been a casual comic reader, Read More